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Strength Training For Runners

As a physical therapist, I’ve noticed that elite runners look very different today than in the 80’s when I ran competitively. They have more muscles and more efficient strides. Strength training is now recognized as essential for injury prevention, muscle recruitment, and running economy. Strength Training’s Role Injury Prevention: A strong core and improved muscle […]

Monitoring Running Workload to Prevent Injury

“How far should I run?” “How often?” “How will I know that my training is too much?” “Not enough?” If you are a runner, chances are that you’ve thought about these questions when planning to train for a race or objective. While many programs exist online to guide us in mileage selection for success in […]

Strong muscles doesn’t mean smart muscles

Patients often come into the clinic with pain in some joint, whether it is spine, knee, hip, shoulder, etc though they haven’t done anything out of the ordinary. Their daily routine, workouts, chores have been the same, yet they woke up with something hurting and it just won’t go away. Evaluation by a therapist helps […]