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What to Expect:

Your First Visit:

  • Your first visit will usually last 45-60 minutes
  • We will complete a thorough physical therapy evaluation
  • Discuss your particular problem and how it affects your daily life
  • We will conduct a full clinical examination
  • Discussion a physical therapy plan of care
  • Provide initial treatment interventions, if possible

How to Prepare:

  • Arrive 15-20 minutes early to complete paperwork or 5-10 minutes early if you have complete paperwork provided to you on this website
  • Bring photo identification
  • Bring your insurance cards, if applicable

We highly recommend you complete your paperwork online ahead of time to save yourself time on your first visit!

How to Schedule:

With a physician referral:

We can schedule your physical therapy evaluation with a referral from any physician. In Wyoming, physical therapists may accept referrals from the following practitioners: Physicians (MDs or Dos), Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Dentists, Podiatrists, Chiropractors.

Without a physician referral:

In Wyoming, you may schedule a physical therapy evaluation without a referral. Some insurance companies may require a referral to pay for services. With the proper information, we can contact your insurance company to clarify their policy. We do recommend you contact your insurance company to confirm your specific benefits for physical therapy. If Medicare is your insurance, you may see a physical therapist for an evaluation without a referral, but you cannot proceed with physical therapy care until your physician signs the physical therapy plan of care. Call us if you have more questions.



Advantage Rehab participates as in-network providers for many insurance companies. We do not participate as in-network providers for a few insurance companies where we have determined that the physical therapy reimbursement or patient co-pay options are not conducive to the level of care we provide at Advantage Rehab. With the proper information we provide insurance verification as a service to our clients, although it is ultimately the client responsibility to know their insurance benefits.

Cash Pay Options:

Advantage Rehab provides a cash-pay option to our clients who choose not to bill their insurance. This option is a flat rate payable at the time of visit. At the patient’s request, we can provide an itemized statement for submission to a 3rd party payer, but we will not submit these claims.

Referral Sources:

We take pride in the quality of physical therapy offered at Advantage Rehab. We will be happy to confer with you at any time regarding your or your patient’s needs. If we can’t provide a particular intervention or testing service, we will assist you in finding local or regional resources.

Would you like a Cost Estimate?

At Advantage, we believe in cost transparancy and your right to shop for high quality, cost effective services. We will be happy to provide you with a “Good Faith Estimate” of our costs upon request or upon scheduling. Call our office for more information.

Contact our friendly experts at either our Powell or Cody location to start your journey to living pain free. Your best days are just a phone call away!