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The message is out there.  (Sometimes it’s overwhelming.)  “YOU NEED TO EXERCISE MORE.” This is absolutely a generalization, and “more” should be taken with a grain of salt.  Just like all good things, moderation is recommended. Perhaps you are already physically active at healthy levels according to general guidelines.  Does this mean that doing more […]

Osteoarthritis-My Aching Knee

  Osteoarthritis is the most common arthritis and involves degeneration of the joint cartilage.  Risk factors include excess weight, family history, age, previous injury, and inactivity. The cartilage is the gristle you see on the end of the chicken leg bone. It is the slick cushioning surface on the ends of the bone and acts […]

What’s Happening In Your Golf Swing?

Question Have you asked yourself if your body is ready for the golf season that is upon us? Are the muscles on your trunk ready to work so that your shoulders aren’t compromised? Are your legs ready to help so that your back doesn’t get overused? These are just a couple questions to get you […]

Build Your Exercise Habits Now!

Ready or not 2017 is here! With all the talk of new years resolutions I thought I would take this opportunity to discuss your fitness goals and exercise habits.   In the world of Physical Therapy, the use of therapeutic exercise is one of the main interventions that we use to help our patients restore their […]

Parkinson’s and Exercise

PT helping patient during session

Exercise and Parkinson’s disease   Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative brain disorder that progresses slowly in most people.  It takes years for symptoms to develop and people live with the conditions for years.  In these individuals, the brain slowly stops producing a neurotransmitter called dopamine.  As dopamine level reduce, so does the person ability […]