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Have you ever considered if there’s something you could be doing to get more out of your everyday exercise? Well I’m here to tell you that there is! I’m talking about adding true purpose to your exercise.

As a Personal Trainer and Physical Therapist Assistant, I, Lucas Krubeck, have the opportunity to watch a lot of people exercise. Many of the mistakes I see people make can be attributed to one thing, just going through the motions. This has got to change! If you are doing the same exercises with the same resistance, in the same order and so on that you have for the last few months or years, you my friend are the definition of insanity; Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! It sounds cliché but I truly believe that “A strong mind is a strong body and a strong body is a strong mind”. Adding a mind to muscle connection to your exercises will change your life, and of course your body. Doing so can give us purpose for that exercise, improve your motor control, limit and decrease your compensatory movements and it also has the potential to cut your exercise time down or in half. I have clients and patients tell me all the time, “I just got a better workout with you in 30 min than I usually get in 2 hours!” This is because I’m helping them create that purpose we’re talking about, it allows them the opportunity to have absolute control over their bodies and to get on track to building better versions of themselves.

So just a few ideas to consider when preparing for an exercise:

Give these ideas some real consideration folks. Even I myself have to double check my exercises, my movement patterns and whether or not I’m giving purpose to them, as I should be. No matter what your fitness goals are you can and will benefit from Purposeful Exercise. Good luck!