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One of the recognized breakdowns of overall health and wellness includes the 5 following pillars: Move, Fuel, Recover, Connect and Endure.

MOVE is the physical therapist’s expertise. This includes physical activity and exercise which is important to keep muscles strong and long.

FUEL includes supplying the body with good nutrients to allow maximal operation.  This is a crucial component to the optimal function of the body.  Physical therapists can assist with general information and recommendations although, for someone desiring very specific assistance, a nutritionist may be helpful.

RECOVER includes both nighttime and daytime rest.  Though physical activity is very important for health and wellness, it is also crucial for the body to get adequate rest to allow the body’s heart rate to operate at low rates.  There are some apps available to help with your sleep schedule and also those that teach meditation.

Sleep Hygiene

CONNECT is a more social aspect of wellness, that includes having a solid network of people around you.  Your physical therapist may ask you questions about the close relationships in your life for this reason.

ENDURE refers to mental plasticity to handle stress well.  Even physical injuries and pain can be affected by emotional distress, and it can be important to make ties between changes in your emotional/social environment and changes in symptoms.

Finding balance in all 5 areas is a challenge.  Instead, pick just one area to focus on at a time and view the links provided to help make this process more obtainable.