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Exercise with a Purpose

I would like to dedicate this blog to a topic that can be a contributing factor to your fitness success; adding purpose and intention to your exercise by considering what muscle you would like to do the most work. They say that motion is lotion! I would agree that exercise for the sake of exercise […]

Move. Recover. FUEL. Endure. Connect.

It’s mid-February already. Stereotypically, January is the time when a lot of people decide they need to make some healthy changes – whether or not they call them resolutions. Eating healthier is usually one of them. If you decided this, how have you done so far? Still at it? Everyone knows it’s important to eat […]

Take Time to Laugh

“Take advantage of the season” is the theme of the month for Advantage Rehab. This is the Christmas and winter season but there are many seasons to take advantage of. There are seasons related to our age; to our education, the time of year, and holidays.  Each comes with unique experiences and opportunities. The thing […]

Move. Recover. Fuel. CONNECT. Endure.

Previously, we have shared detailed blogs regarding the importance of movement and adequate rest/recovery for physical wellness.  These are most-easily relatable to the profession of physical therapy. However, a lack of social well-being also has been shown to have several negative physical effects, which may lead to a pain issue. A study done in 2011 […]

Kinesiology Tape

1. What is Kinesiology tape? Kinesiology tape was developed in the 1970’s by a chiropractor named Dr. Kenzo Kase. Dr. Kase was born in Japan in the early 1940’s and later graduated from National University of Health Sciences in Chicago, Illinois. While treating his patients, he became frustrated with traditional taping methods secondary to limited […]

Concussion is a Rehabilitative Injury

Did you know that there are over 43 definitions of concussion? Basically, a concussion is a brain injury that causes a change in brain function following a force (blow, jolt or hit) to the head or body, which may be accompanied by temporary loss of consciousness, but is identified in awake individuals, with measures of […]

To your Health!

That works as a nice toast, but what does it mean. Does it mean something different if you are 20, versus 60, versus 90 years old? Our expectations may change as we age but we should certainly have a desire to be healthy. Webster’s Dictionary defines healthy as “to be free of disease or pain” […]

Take Advantage of Rest

This month’s theme here at Advantage Rehab is “Take Advantage of Rest”. This blog is about just that. I hope to offer a few thought-provoking ideas in regard to rest and your fitness goals. As a fitness professional, I often get asked several questions on the topic of Rest. Here is just a few that […]

Can Poor Sleep Habits Impact Your Health?

Humans spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping. Sleep is a basic human need that serves to maintain and optimize bodily functions including, but not limited to, immune system, tissue healing, cardiovascular health, pain modulation, cognitive function, learning, and memory. Quality of sleep is recognized as an important health behavior, yet chronic sleep disturbances are […]

Dry Needling- What You Should Know

Dry Needling – What You Should Know What is Dry Needling? Dry needling is a modern therapeutic intervention practiced by physical therapists that involves the use of a monofilament needle to mechanically release tight regions of muscle, often referred to as “trigger points.” These locations are defined by their irritability to palpation with subsequent referred […]

5 Quick Essential Exercises for Runners   We searched for some videos of 5 quick essential exercises to prepare you for running.  These exercises are easy to learn and easy to incorporate.  All of them will work best before you run, but, if that doesn’t work in your schedule, try them during another part of […]