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The message is out there.  (Sometimes it’s overwhelming.)  “YOU NEED TO EXERCISE MORE.” This is absolutely a generalization, and “more” should be taken with a grain of salt.  Just like all good things, moderation is recommended. Perhaps you are already physically active at healthy levels according to general guidelines.  Does this mean that doing more […]

Take Advantage of Rest

This month’s theme here at Advantage Rehab is “Take Advantage of Rest”. This blog is about just that. I hope to offer a few thought-provoking ideas in regard to rest and your fitness goals. As a fitness professional, I often get asked several questions on the topic of Rest. Here is just a few that […]

Can Poor Sleep Habits Impact Your Health?

Humans spend about 1/3 of their lives sleeping. Sleep is a basic human need that serves to maintain and optimize bodily functions including, but not limited to, immune system, tissue healing, cardiovascular health, pain modulation, cognitive function, learning, and memory. Quality of sleep is recognized as an important health behavior, yet chronic sleep disturbances are […]

Get Moving: How Sitting Affects Children and Adults

As adults, we have all heard about the dangers of sitting for long periods of time. Adults on average sit for around 6 hours a day. Something to consider is how long children sit in a day which is actually a lot more than adults. An average of 8.5 hours of a child’s day is […]

5 Quick Essential Exercises for Runners   We searched for some videos of 5 quick essential exercises to prepare you for running.  These exercises are easy to learn and easy to incorporate.  All of them will work best before you run, but, if that doesn’t work in your schedule, try them during another part of […]

Time to Get Outside

What’s keeping you from enjoying the outdoors? Summer is here, the snow is melting, the campgrounds and picnic areas are open, the hiking trails are drying out and the fish are waiting to be caught. It is the season to get out of the house and into the great outdoors. Below are a couple of […]

Take Advantage of the Views

Summer is nearly upon us! With this season comes an opportunity to get outside with activities such as biking, running, climbing, swimming etc. I felt like this would be a good time to write a blog about the importance of independent exercise and strengthening in relation to these previously listed activities. I find that with […]

When Physical Therapy Doesn’t Work

  When Physical Therapy Doesn’t Work One barrier to getting people to come to physical therapy is that they have had physical therapy before and feel that it didn’t work or help.  But, all physical therapy IS NOT the same. While physical therapy cannot “fix” everything, I have a strong conviction that failure in PT […]

Exercise Equipment Under $20 We Use on the Regular

Agility Ladder: The agility ladder is not only good to improve speed and agility, but also can help improve proprioception, or in other words knowing where your feet are on the ground. We often use this equipment for sports training or as a balance exercise which works on picking up the feet to step over […]

Optimal Health

Optimal Health in Cody, Wyoming   Take Advantage of your Resources Despite being a small town, Cody, Wyoming has a wide variety of healthcare services and recreational opportunities available to the community. All of which, hope to improve health and well being of the community.  In the 1930’s, Joseph Hubertus Pilates believed that whole body […]

Posterior Chain

Posterior Chain What it Is, Why It’s Important and How to Find It   What It Is: The posterior chain describes muscles, tendons, ligaments that cross the posterior, or back part of the body. The posterior chain contains the largest, most powerful muscles – hamstrings, gluteal muscles, lats, calves, lower traps, rear deltoid. Why It’s […]


MOVE As one of the main 5 elements of well-being, there is a lot of talk about the importance of physical fitness to maintaining a healthy body.  General recommendations are to perform 150-300 minutes of physical activity each week.  This includes at least 3-5 days of doing aerobic activity and at least 2 days of […]