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Top Ten Reasons to Join Train for the 10 – Cody!

Train for the 10 is Advantage Rehab’s Couch to 10K training program.  The program coaches, supports and encourages you to finish a late September 10K.  Train for the 10 is for all ages and levels.  With support from Sunlight Sports and the Buffalo Bill Cody Races,  Advantage Rehab encourages participants to set their sights on the Buffalo Bill Cody Races 10K.

10.  It’s Designed for Everyone

Even if you’ve never run before, or you haven’t consistently exercised, this is a 14-week long program beginning with walk-run sequences. The progression is controlled and designed to be mastered by individuals of any age.

9.  There’s Support in Numbers:

This organized group approach will help you connect with like-minded people, in person or on social media, offering encouragement and support.

8.  It’s Easy!

We provide the step-by-step plan.  You run 3 days per week, joining us if you can for your mid-week workout.  We’ll meet at Beck Lake Park by the bathrooms and between the lakes on Thursday’s at 6:30pm.

7. It Supports a Healthy Transition to Running:

The 3-day-per-week running format allows you to dedicate days in-between to cross training, mobility and strengthening.

6. Running is an Efficient Exercise:

Running doesn’t require a large monetary investment – a pair of good shoes; or time investment – most of our workouts will be less than one hour.  You can run anywhere – even just out your front door if planning got away from you!


5.  Running Boosts Your Mood:

A Swiss study found that, after just 3 weeks of training, running improved sleep quality, and also mood and concentration levels.  Another study showed that a single bout of 30 minute exercise instantly improved the mood of individuals with a major depressive disorder.

4.  Running Burns Calories:

Running burns exponentially more calories than other exercise, and this happens at levels just over “easy” pace.  Studies show that this calorie burn continues even after you stop exercising.

3.  The Train to 10 Coaches are Physical Therapists!

Through blogs like this and in-person talks, Advantage Rehab physical therapists, Jessica and Lynda, will guide you to exercises and activities that will keep you healthy on your journey.

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2.  The Buffalo Bill Cody Races!

Janie Schneider, Race Director for the Buffalo Bill Cody Races, strongly supports this program – so much so that she promises to keep the 10K course open long enough so that we can all be successful on September 22nd

Buffalo Bill Cody Races

1.  Fun, Encouragement, Support!

Join us every Thursday night at Beck Lake Park for fun, fellowship and the mid-week run.

To read more about the health benefits of running, go here:

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