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Popping In Our Joints

Do you have any joints that regularly crack or pop with movement or positional changes? So do I! The advice that I give my patients with this popping is pretty straight forward. If the popping you’re feeling is not painful than we won’t worry about it too much. But I do find occasionally that the […]

Take Time to Laugh

“Take advantage of the season” is the theme of the month for Advantage Rehab. This is the Christmas and winter season but there are many seasons to take advantage of. There are seasons related to our age; to our education, the time of year, and holidays.  Each comes with unique experiences and opportunities. The thing […]

Chronic Pain – Getting to the Treatment Point

Chronic pain is a condition requiring comprehensive management  Patients with this condition may have already been through the traditional medical system with blood tests, x-rays, MRI’s, and injections, and yet they still don’t have an answer to what is going on with their body.  A diagnosis or multiple diagnoses may be made –  fibromyalgia, disc […]