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Running Mechanics Analysis

What Is A Running Analysis?

Running technique, as well as running biomechanics, have been shown to affect a runner’s performance. Evaluating running biomechanics and kinematic patterns can help to identify the forces placed on a runner, as well as identify if these forces are potentially causing or aggravating their symptoms. A thorough biomechanical evaluation will enable them to identify their problem areas as well as develop a comprehensive management plan to address any impairments observed.

Running biomechanics observed on a treadmill have shown to be comparable to over-ground running. Using video analysis to evaluate kinematic patterns is an effective way to recognize various running styles and create a comprehensive management plan that addresses any biomechanical errors. A systematic approach to identifying common running errors is to identify different running styles on video analysis. When assessing a runner for biomechanical errors it is important to use a combination of findings. Other important assessments include training programming, strength testing, flexibility, and functional movement pattern assessment. There is no one finding in isolation that will provide you with enough information to develop a comprehensive management plan.