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TMD, or temporomandibular joint disorder, is a name for a number of problems that involve the temporomandibular (jaw) joints, muscles, or associated structures. TMD can show as pain or tenderness in your jaw, aching pain in or around your ear, facial symptoms, difficulty or pain while chewing, or locking of the jaw. Effective treatment of TMD includes reducing pain and identifying and resolving contributing factors.

Simple ways to reduce jaw pain:

1. Avoid parafunction habits. These include clenching or grinding your teeth, chewing gum, or biting your lip.

2. Maintain optimal head and neck posture. Evaluate your work habits- desk set up, computer position, and head position with tasks. Avoid resting your chin on your hand.

3. Be aware of your tongue and mouth position. Teeth shoulder never touch at rest. Tongue position is ideal at the roof or your mouth with lips together.

4. When having jaw pain, avoid eating tough or hard to chew foods like nuts, apples, meat, and candy.

5. Use self-massage to reduce tender muscle points.

6. Use relaxation techniques. Put a relaxation app on your phone.

7. Get moving- exercise daily, even if you need to start with only 10 minutes.

We can help!

A physical therapist can evaluate and guide you in specific treatments that are best for your condition. Ask your doctor or dentist about physical therapy for jaw pain.